Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Three way way

 In three way speaker designers are solving some issues of two way speakers, for instance if you choose midwoofer, and you want excelent midrange performance, you have to sacrifice the bass, if you insist on excelent bass extension, you sacrifice the midrange, than you have to go lower with frequency for tweeter, which bring another issues, like tweeter's power handling, directivity, plus you get crossover point to a very sensitive area. So the solution might be three way speaker. Audiophiles like them, you select best midrange, mate it with best tweeter of similar efficiency, put these into small box on top of the big box with best woofer/subwoofer. Than you spent countless hours tweeking the crossover, after you spent fortune on crossover parts. Life's not easy, but live we must. Anyway, you can get pretty decent results here, but you will almost always hear the crossover.  Power handling is great if that's what you want.